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Sunday School & Weekly Studies

Current Study Opportunities


Classes are upstairs in both buildings. There will be someone to help find a class for you.

1st & 2nd PETER

Room 204-205: Led by May Lang

This study will be verse by verse teaching.



Room 209: Led by Josh Wagner

This class will be using 2 books: 1. Limping with God (Chad Bird): A guide using Jacob (Israel) and the Old Testament to show that Discipleship is messy. 2. Low Anthropology (David Zahl) - Zahl invites readers into a biblically rooted and surprisingly life-giving low anthropology, which fosters hope, deep connection with others, lasting love, vulnerability, compassion, and happiness. Zahl offers a liberating view of human nature, sin, and grace, showing why the good news of Christianity is both urgent and appealing. By embracing a more accurate view of human beings, readers will discover a true and lasting hope.


Pride and Humility: A Guide to Better Understanding Yourself and Others

Room 212: Led by Bob Hall

This study is written by Linda Barnes, wife to Pastor Robert Barnes.

Pride and Humility: A Guide to Better Understanding Yourself and Others was written to help people discover where pride has infected their life and how to develop humility instead. The study spends six weeks taking an honest look at six varieties of pride, including the pride of self-sufficiency, the pride of rebellion, the pride of insecurity, the pride of stubbornness, the pride of superiority, and the pride that is not a sin. Following this journey, six weeks are spent contemplating what it means to grow in humility.



Choir Room: Led by Tricia Baumgartner & Laura Mick

We will be studying 1Chronicles and looking at how it is relevant to today.



Room 211: Led by Yolanda Pena & Louise Brown

This class will use the quarterly resource guide published by Cokesbury for Summer 2023. The study is divided into 3 units:

The Rich Literature of the Bible


Heroes and Anti-Heroes

This study offers discussion with opportunities to ask questions.