VBC Volunteers

Help make VBC happen this August 2-6! You must be affiliated with NW Hills to volunteer!

Here are some of the roles you might consider for yourself during our journey. 

TRIBE LEADERS – our children will be divided into the 12 tribes of Israel. Each tribe will need 2 ADULT tribe leaders and 2 junior leaders that will work as a team to be the primary teachers for the tribe.

We need 4 ADULT craft leaders to work through very simple crafts with the help of the tribe leaders and the junior leaders in each tribe.

We need 2 adults and several junior leaders to help with registration each morning, adding new children to the list, getting all the children to the right tribe gathering place, getting a count of each tribe for the kitchen staff, handing out parents’ newsletters and…… 

We need an after-hours team that can help get the wilderness put back together and ready for the next morning and who can help restore the church on Friday afternoon once we have made it to the promise land.  

We need a kitchen team to help prepare a very simple but special snack each day that will carry that day’s Biblical theme and will reinforce the message. This team will also prepare a finger food lunch for Friday so that parents who might be working can grab a bite and still have time to see their kids sing, hear about our mission efforts and meet their children’s teachers. 

Please sign up here and Carol Green will contact you or you can contact Carol Green at cgreen@nwhills.org or 210-681-3751.

*You must be affiliated with NW Hills to volunteer for VBC.