About Us

Who is Northwest Hills? What do we believe? Wondering about God?

From a few people gathering in a ranch house in the woods northwest of San Antonio, now in the heart of the suburbs, Northwest Hills has shared the life changing power of Christ with any and all who seek Him. Seekers ask questions, believers dig deeper, those in need find help, the lonely find friends and spectators discover the fulfillment of serving others. There's a place for you!

A United Methodist...

Knows Jesus Christ as Savior/forgiver and Lord/leader and pledges allegiance to His Kingdom.


Professes the Christian faith as contained in the Old and New Testaments.


Promises to live a Christian life and remain a faithful member of the church by supporting it with presence, prayers, gifts, and service.


Is open and accepting of people of all ages, nations, and races.


Supports and participates in ministries in and beyond the local church.

Do you want Christ in your life?

There's no magic formula, but if you can sincerely take these steps, it will be a great start.


1. Confess your sin to God, knowing that it separates you from him. Sin is not just wrong actions, but living without God as the center of your life.


2. Ask God to forgive your sins, realizing you cannot fix this problem yourself.


3. Trust that Jesus died on the cross to pay for your sins and rose from the dead to offer your eternal life.


4. Serve Jesus as the leader of your life. That means a life in community with other Christ-followers of loving God, loving each other, and loving our neighbors.


Call it the " CATS " plan if it helps you remember. It's not magic. But it can help you start the journey.


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